My Dear Parishioners,
Although these truths seem relatively basic and straightforward from our perspective today, they were not so simple for the early Church to understand, as it was seeking to find its way. However, as our reading from the Acts of the Apostles illustrates, when people such as Peter saw how the Holy Spirit was working to bring both Jew and Gentile to believe in Jesus, a consensus emerged relatively quickly. They saw that God shows no partiality and that whoever acts uprightly and believes in Jesus can be saved. There were, of course, tensions regarding how Jewish and Gentile believers could live together in community. With the help of the Holy Spirit, these issues were able to be worked through and the mission of the Church was advanced. 
If we pay close attention to the Acts of the Apostles, we can observe that many of the same questions and tensions they dealt with exist in almost any community of faith today. This makes clear that every generation of believers faces the challenge of staying focused on what is most important. When the faithful stay focused on the truth that God is love and on living the commandment of our Lord to love one another, life becomes less complicated. 
As the Easter season comes to a close, let us continue to proclaim to all the world our belief in the Risen Lord. Let us do this by continuing to witness to our faith, by staying true to its basic essence, by abiding in God’s love, and by loving one another. Let us do these things to such a degree that all the world can respond, YES, GOD IS, INDEED, LOVE! 
All the Blessings of the Risen Lord,
Msgr. Maresca